Patricio Lanfranco


Filming  at the Chilean coast.

Hard work, creativity and experience form a well-rounded producer and director


As an independent producer and researcher for 25 years, Lanfranco has worked with some of the world’s top correspondents, filmmakers and directors and in every aspect of musical and audio-visual production, including major concerts, television and film specials and other activities. He has focused particularly on television (news and feature reports, documentaries), music, film, technical, general coordination and directing.

In 1994, Lanfranco was production head of News Department at Channel 7, Televisión Nacional, one of Chile’s two main television channels.

In 1996, he worked as field producer with Roger Mills and Clem Valence, on the award-winning series Full Circle, hosted by Michael Palin, of Monty Python fame. Earlier, he ensured that Michael Palin made it to the South Pole – with all the necessary equipment! – for another award-winning series, Pole to Pole.

In all these years, Lanfranco learned with passion and dedication, making the most of his work with documentary and feature news directors and producers, such as Chris Olgiatti (The Assassin, 1987); James Doran (Caso Chanfreau, 1990), Natasha Estébanez (WGBH, USA , The Boston Youth Symphony in Chile), Juan Mandelbaun (Temporeras, 1993); Jane Dibling (BBC); Penny Richards (BBC), John Purdie (The Oldest Mummies In The World, 2000); Steve York (A Force More Powerful, 1999); Jennifer Byrne (Foreign Correspondent, ABC), among others.

In 2000, he met Elizabeth Farnsworth and they worked on feature reports for Newshour, with Jim Lehrer. Two years later, they decided to document the ground-breaking trial of General Augusto Pinochet, the military dictator who once said that not a leaf moved in all of Chile without his permission. For three years they followed the investigations of Judge Juan Guzmán. The result of their labour, a full length documentary film called The Judge & The General, will have its world premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival, 4 May 2008. The film is eligible for the prestigious “Golden Gate Award”

Lanfranco has produced and directed many short films: Parque Huerquehue,1997; El Sueño Posible: Enrique Peñalosa en Chile, 2003; Las Dos Alas, 2006, Bellavista, patrimonio de todos, 2007, and his first  long documentary The Judge and the General (with Elizabeth Farnsworth) 2008.

In 2003, he produced Chronicles of an Imaginary Region, Myths and Legends of the Fifth Region, which won the National Television Council Award: Best Regional Series.


Elizabeth Farnsworth and Patricio Lanfranco,  Directors of The Judge & The General 

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